Financial Aid Information

Student and families can text-in financial aid questions to the hotline at (302) 278-4037, and will receive a detailed response from our team within 15 minutes. During non-business hours, students and families can receive detailed responses within 24 hours. The LendEDU Financial Aid Hotline is a free service paid for and managed by the LendEDU team.


They noticed that some individuals had really long and complex questions to ask them. And typing up long questions over text message isn't easy.  To solve this issue they added the ability for student and parents to email-in their longer questions via the contact form on the page (Financial Aid Hotline)! 

This information pertains to 12th graders who are wanting to complete FAFSA for their post-secondary plans.  


For more information, view this power-point presentation: Fall_2016_FAFSA_InfoPPT.pdf


For more information, view this power-point presentation: