Jacqueline Boyer, Teacher, Gifted and Talented. Case Manager


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 Gifted and Talented Seminar  and Advisory

ABOUT THE PROGRAM: The program will follow the Autonomous Learning Model that many gifted programs follow nationally.

The Freshman Seminar is a little different than upper grades.  We will have a few assigned projects along with independent projects.  The emphasis and focus will be on communication throughout the school year.  Students will get a chance to practice many public speaking techniques through participation in TEDed Talks and utilizing Google Apps.
ABOUT ADVISORY: This course is primarily for credit recovery utilizing a blended approach to instruction. Students have access to a virtual classroom and teacher support.

ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR:  I have been in education for a long time  -- let's just say a few decades -- in 3 states.  During that time, I have taught in a variety of subject areas, been in administration in both large and small school districts and best of all....loved every experience involving education!


Links to Important Documents for 2017-2018