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Voice Mail:  962-9322

I have had the pleasure of teaching at Rio Rancho High School for the past 19 years. I have taught a mix of math classes in this time from Algebra 1 to Pre AP Pre Calculus.  My expectations for my students is that they work at "thinking" to prepare them for AP Calculus and/or college.  With the transitions into Common Core and Eureka Math the last couple of years, my focus is strengthening the Algebra skills and expressing the mathematics through the following modalities: Graphical, Numeric, Words and Symbols.

I am available for help after school on all days except Wednesday and the third Thursday of the month. Please be sure to contact me immediately with concerns you have regarding your child.  Email is preferred.  If contact is by phone, please realize that I will not be able to reach you until after school.
  Check the calendar page for an up to date list of the work and assigned problems for the week. Use the "Useful Links" at the top left corner to find Important Documents and Notes.

I am looking forward to a GREAT year!!!!!


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This year I am trying the google sites page to post my information. Use the link above to find the page.  Please let me know if you find issues using this site.

I am looking forward to a GREAT year!!!!!
I am looking forward to a GREAT year!!!!!