Matthew Farley

In Memorandiam
Matthew Farley (a.k.a. “Mr. Farley”), a beloved teacher, colleague, and friend of the Rio Rancho High School community for 17 years, passed away peacefully on the 22nd of November, 2018.  He originally came to New Mexico to work at the Albuquerque Biopark (aquarium) but then – to our great fortune - turned his sights to teaching. Many students remember him as the compassionate, patient, enthusiastic, and relatable Zoology and AP Environmental Science teacher who kept a menagerie of animals in his classroom and who took them on eye-opening field trips to the Rio Grande bosque. His colleagues remember his quick smile, great depth of knowledge, and willingness to lend a hand when needed. As a friend he will be remembered for all of these things as well as a person who adored his family, loved what he did (both professionally and recreationally), had a terrific self-deprecating humor, and was so well-informed that there were few topics of conversation that he was unable to make insightful contributions to. He was an irreplaceable member of the science department and he is sorely missed by his “Ram Family.”