RRHS Program of Studies & Course Selection

RRHS Program of Studies & Course Selection
RRHS CTE Programs for 2020-2021

Program of Studies 2020-2021

COURSE SELECTIONS:  Samples of next year's grade level course selection cards are provided below.

Month of February -  RRHS Counselors will be visiting Lincoln Middle School, Rio Rancho Middle School and Eagle Ridge Middle School to work with current 8th graders on their Course Selections for SY 19-20.

Course selections are currently underway for RRHS Underclassmen during their English classes. 

9th Grade Registration Card and Elective Choice 2020-21

10th Grade Registration Card 2020-21

11th Grade Registration Card 2020-21

12th Grade Registration Card 2020-21

RRHS Elective Classes - Grades 10-12