Information Technology

RRHS has one of the most robust collections of computer technology in the state!
  • Campus-wide WiFi
  • Wired network with Fiber Optic backbone
  • Over 1100 PCs
  • Many servers
  • Dozens of Projectors and Document Cameras
  • Student Information System
  • Data Driven Classroom (an online data warehouse for analyzing test data)
  • Video Servers
  • Professional Development server
  • Classroom Response Systems
  • Interactive Whiteboards
  • Dozens of printers
All of this is maintained by 1.5 Technicians and an Ed Tech!


Looking for office aides
The RRHS IT department needs reliable students to serve as office aides during periods 1-4. The student should be:
  • interested in technology
  • able to work in teams or independently
See your counselor if interested.


Lead Computer Technician
Doug Cutshall II
Phone:  (505) 962-5333, x53033
Computer Technician
Helena Davidson
Phone: (505) 962-5313, x53013
Education Technology Specialist
Benton Spradlin
Phone: (505) 962-5319, x53019