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English 11 Quarter 3 Update: The remainder of Quarter 3 will be spent on a multi-genre research project, which will be started on Friday, March, 1 2019 and will be due Monday, March 11, 2019. 

Here is a breakdown of the project for your reference:
Your assignment is to create a multi-genre research project that expresses your research and perspective on a person, event, or movement that embodies the American ideal of the pursuit of happiness. The following are required documents that you must include in your project. 

Cover Page (Original Title, Symbolic Visuals, Name, Date, Period)

Table of Contents (In order of appearance, the table of contents provides an overview of sections in the paper. Be sure to include the following in your table of contents: introduction, genre collection, conclusion, reflective end notes, and Works Cited page.)

Dear Reader Letter: (Introduction-This opening letter provides background information about your topic to your audience. It also introduces your thesis and how you threaded the collection of genres so the reader knows how to navigate through your paper.)

Collection of Genres (The body consists of a collection of genres created to help your reader understand your subject and thesis. This is where the multi-genre aspect of the paper is displayed via a minimum of six different genres threaded together with a metaphor or motif.)

Conclusion (What have I learned about the topic from this research project? What did you learn about the process from working on this project?)

Reflective End Notes (What genres did you include in your writing and why? Assemble your Reflective End Notes so that the genres appear in sequential order and contain the following information:   Genre #, Title, and Genre Identified
Rationale: Explain why this particular genre was selected. Reflection: How are the facts presented in the creative interpretation?)

Works Cited Page (Provide your list of sources for the research conducted. Consult the MLA Handbook or style manual preferred by your teacher or an online writing lab for instructions on format.)

Suggested Work Pace for your reference:

Friday, March 1, 2019
1. Pick Topic
2. Pick minimum of 6 genres you will use for your project from the list below
3. Start Researching your topic

Different Types of Genres:
1) Birth Certificate
2) Death Certificate 
3) Journal/Diary Entries (Minimum of 5) (3-5 sentences for each dated entry)
4) Greeting Card/Post Card
5) Things to Do List
6) Classified or Personal Ads
7) Newspaper Listing
8) List of Quotes (Minimum of 10)
9) Poem
10) Song Lyrics
11) Drawing/Carving 
12) Interview
13) Magazine Cover
14) Short Story
15) Myth, Tall Tale, Fairy Tale
16) Favorite List of Foods (Minimum of 10)
17) Favorite Recipe with Ingredients and Directions on how to make it 
18) Comic Strip
19) Time Line
20) Map that connects your research
21) Newsletter
22) Restaurant Menu
23) Budget 
24) Invoice/Copy of Sales Receipts
25) News Report
26) Wanted Poster
27) Game with Rules
28) Questions and Answers (Minimum of 10)
29) Obituary
30) Tabloid Article
31) Marriage License/Drivers License
32) Awards or Certificates 
33) List of a Text Message Conversation (Minimum of 10 messages)
34) Profile Page
35) Religion
36) Culture/Traditions 
37) Collage of Pictures
38) Timeline of Education/Accomplishments 

Monday, March 4, 2019-
1. Research your topic
2. Start Working on your Genres

Tuesday, March 5, 2019-
1. Research your topic
2. Work on your Genres

Wednesday, March 6, 2019- 
1. Finish all work on your Genres
2. Work on your Cover Page

Thursday, March 7, 2019-
1. Organize your Genres
2. Work on Table of Contents
3. Work on Dear Reader Letter

Friday, March 8, 2019- 
1. Work on Conclusion
2. Work on Reflective End Notes

Monday, March 11, 2019-
1. Work on Cited Page
2. Turn in you Project along with page 410 from your Springboard book

 Springboard Unit Goals

(August-September)         The American Dream

(October-December)        The Power of Persuasion

(January-February)           American Forums

(March-May)                         The Pursuit of Happiness

Welcome to the 2018-2019 School Year! This is my fifth year teaching at RRHS. The one thing I absolutely 
love about teaching English is getting to know the students through their writing. 

I will be using google classroom this year, so all assignments need to be completed and turned in through google classroom.

If you need to contact me, you may use the contact me link, or you can email me at or leave me a message on my office phone at (505) 962-5218. Please give me 24-48 hours to respond back to you. I am a strong believer in open communication and I welcome your input. Together we can make a difference.