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Algebra 2 Syllabus RRHS 2016-2017

COURSE TITLE: Algebra 2                COURSE INSTRUCTOR: Jessica Arrieta

BUILDING: SciMatics                         EMAIL: Office: E&T 211

ROOM:  202                                       PHONE and VOICEMAIL: (505) 896-5600 Ex. 53328


PREREQUISITE(S):     Passed Algebra 1, Attempted Geometry, and/or with school permission.


TEXTBOOK:    Common Core Mathematics, Grade 11, Algebra 2



  • Graphing Calculator (TI-83/84) or any other calculator approved by your teacher
    • Inspire and TI89 calculators are not accepted.
  • Notebook paper (loose leaf 3 reams)
  • Graph paper (1 ream)
  • Pencils (NO PENS!),
  • Highlighter
  • Eraser
  • 3 ring binder, size: minimum 2 inches


COURSE DESCRIPTION:  In this course students will continue to be challenged in their development of Algebra concepts.  This course will provide students with the broad foundation of skills, concepts, and application necessary to move on to high math and science classes.



Quarter Grade:                                                                      Semester Grade:

Formal Assessments                                                            Quarter 1/3 = 40%

Common Assessment = 50%                                                Quarter 2/4 = 40%

Other tests/quizzes   = 25%                                                   Final Exam = 20%

All Other Work (in-class and homework) = 25%               




See the student handbook for descriptions of performance levels.

A = 90-100     B = 80-89       C = 70-79       D = 60-69       F = Performance below 60


COURSE OUTLINE: “The story of Functions”





Module 1: Polynomial, Rational, and Radical Relationship

Topic A

Polynomials-From Base Ten to Base X:

A-SSE.2, A-APR.4


Topic B

Factoring- Its Use and Its Obstacles:

A-SSE.2, A-APR.2, A-APR.3, N-Q.2, A-APR.6, F-IF.7c


Topic D

A Surprise from Geometry-Complex Number Overcome all Obstacles:

A-REI.2, A-REI.4b, N-CN.1, N-CN.2, N-CN.7, A-REI.7


Topic C

Solving and Applying Equations-Polynomial, Rational, and Radical

A-REI.1, A-REI.2, A-APR.6, A-REI.4b, A-REI.6, A-REI.7, G-GPE.2

Module 2: Trigonometric Functions

Topic A

The Story of Trigonometry and Its Contexts

F-IF.7E, F-TF.1, FTF.2


Topic B

Understanding Trigonometric Functions and Putting them to Use

F-IF.7e, S-ID.6a, F-TF.5, F-TF.8

Module 3: Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

Topic A

Real Numbers

N-RN.1, N-RN.2, F-IF.6, F-BF.1a, N-Q.2


Topic B


F-BF.1a, N-Q.2, A-CED.1, F-LE.4


Topic C

Exponential and Logarithmic Functions and their Graphs

F-IF.4, F-BF.1a, F-IF.7e, F-LE.2, F-LE.4, F-BF.3, F-BF.4a, F-IF.5


Topic D

Using Logarithms in Modeling Situations

A-SSE.3c, A-REI.11, F-IF.6, F-BF.1, F-BF.2, A-CED.1, FIF.3, F-IF.9, F-LE.4, F-BF.4a, F-LE.5


Topic E

Geometric Series and Finance

A-SSE.3c, F-BF.1b, F-BF.2, F-IF.7e, F-IF.8b, F-IF.9, F-LE.5

Module 4: Inferences and Conclusions from Data

Topic A-D

Probability, Modeling Data Distributions, Drawing conclusions Using Data From a Sample, and Drawing Conclusions Using Data from an Experiment.

S-IC.1, S-IC.2, S-CP.1, S-CP.2, S-CP. 3, S-CP.4, S-CP.5, S-CP.6, S-CP.7, S-IC.3, S.IC.4, S-IC.5, S-IC.6





EXPECTATIONS - I have high expectations for this class. I know you all can perform to the best of your ability. I believe success is very important; therefore, I expect this from each student. I look forward to helping you learn as much as you can.  As always, I hope to learn as much from you as you learn from me.


GRADING POLICY - If you have an unexcused absent you will receive a 0 for that day’s homework/classwork and lose 10% for each day absent on an exam/assessment. If it is an excused absence, you will need to make up the work in order to receive credit. It is YOUR responsibility to make up the work. Students have up to two school days to make up assignments and/or tests due to an excused absence. Work may be made up before or after school and must be scheduled with the course instructor.  You will also receive a 0 if you are caught cheating.


TARDY POLICY - Class begins when the bell rings. The class does not end until the teacher dismisses you.  If you arrive to class after the last bell you will be marked tardy. If you are 30 minutes late to class, and you do not have a pass accounting for the missed time, you will be marked absent.





Rule #1 Be Respectful

*Follow directions the first time.

*Keep hands, feet, and other objects to yourself at all times. 

*No cursing, inappropriate comments, or teasing in class.

*No cellphone or any other electronic device (ipod) use during class time.

*Do not talk when the teacher or another student is talking.

Rule #2 Be Prompt

*Be seated and ready to work when the bell rings.

Rule #3 Be Prepared

*Bring paper, pencil and textbook to class every day.

*Make sure all assignments are complete before class begins.


PLAGIARISM/ACADEMIC DISHONESTY POLICY - Plagiarism and academic dishonesty are serious offenses. The academic work of a student is expected to be his/her own effort. Students must give the author(s) credit for any source material used. To represent ideas or interpretations taken from a source without giving credit is a flagrant act. To present a borrowed passage after having changed a few words, even if the source is cited, is also plagiarism. Students who commit any act of academic dishonesty will receive a failing grade in that portion of the course work. Acts of academic dishonesty will be reported to the administration.


Text Books – The Text books this year will be distributed at the beginning of each module. Each student will sign out their copy of the book. This is a consumable book and if it is lost it is the responsibility of the student to replace the lost material. If lost, you can go to the bookroom in B & E.  The replacement fee is $20.


Other: Students are expected to come with all materials necessary for that day of class.  Students are expected to come prepared with homework completed.  It is the student’s responsibility to determine any missing or inadequate assignments.  Makeup for quizzes, exams and other work can be coordinated with the instructor.



Syllabi subject to change per Instructors discretion.

Hello and Welcome to a new 2016-2017 school year. My name is Jessica Arrieta and I will be co-teaching Algebra 2 in SC 202 periods 2 & 3. This is my 3rd year teaching at RRHS and I am very excited to continue working with such wonderful students. 

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