Ouderkirk, Michelle - Geometry

Welcome to Mrs. Ouderkirk's  Geometry

This is my 18th year teaching mathematics. I have taught math at all levels: elementary, middle school, high school, and post-secondary education. I have taught math (and culinary classes) at Rio Rancho off and on since 2005. I returned to Rio Rancho High School in 2014 after a two-year teaching job at CNM. Although I loved working at CNM I am very happy to return to Rio Rancho High School. Once a Ram; always a Ram!

This Webpage, along with Google Classroom, is designed to help you be as successful as possible in this year's math class. Use Google Classroom regularly to check assignments, print out resources, watch tutorial videos, and/or find various web resources organized specifically for this course. Students who are absent should go directly to Google Classroom for all missed work, help, or resources.

Parents & Students: Feel free to access my Google Sites often for fabulous RESOURCES and extra help.

Students: Please access my Google Classroom for various resources, WEEKLY ASSIGNMENTS, and helpful links.