Ploskonka, Stasia - Algebra 1

Stasia Ploskonka
Algebra 1

Welcome to Ms. P's Algebra I class page. Students will need to access Google Classroom daily to view assignments, reminders, and announcements. 

Students are graded on 3 different categories per quarter:

Common Assessments 45%
Quizzes 30%
Practice/HW 25%

Students will will have multiple opportunities to improve or prove proficiency on each concept being assessed. Announcements on how students can achieve these opportunities will posted on google classroom.  These opportunities may include but are not limited to the following retakes, redo's, tutoring, and khan academy (each class has an account see google classroom for class codes).

Google classroom includes weekly agenda, worksheets, videos and much more!! 

Fall Semester

Module 1
-Solving One, Two, and Multi- Step Equations
- Rearranging Equations
-Graphing by Slope Intercept Form
-Solving Systems of Equations
Mid-Module Common Assessment
-Solving One, Two, and Multi- Step One Variable Inequalities
-Graphing One Variable Inequalities
-Graphing Linear Inequalities
-Graphing Systems of Inequalities
End-Module Common Assessment

Module 2

Please email me with any questions or concerns at