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Welcome to Biology!  I look forward to teaching about the history & diversity of life on Earth, the structures of living things, how organisms sustain life & function in the environment, inherit traits, and how populations adapt to their surroundings.

I have taught Biology and various Life Science electives for most of my career.  This is my 21st year teaching HS, and my 11th year at awesome RRHS.  Previously, I was an analytical chemist & taught Foresnic Genotyping at NMTech.  I have a BS in Biology, a degree in Secondary Education, and Masters degree in Science Teaching.  I am married and have a wonderful daughter who is a Sophomore in HS. 

This webpage is populated with all relevant and useful material for your Biology class.  You can use this page to access all class documents, due dates on the calendar, reminders, handouts, PowerPoints, videos, reviews, lab handouts, online textbook passwords, links, and more.  Just click on the BIOLOGY UNITS & MATERIAL link to the left.  To access the Online Textbook, just click the link to the left, and enter one of the following Usernames/Passwords:
1.  BUNNYR5/bunny222
2.  SMARTYP3/smart809
3.  CHLOEM2686/chloe449

You can contact me at scotia.kurowski@rrps.net, or leave a message at 896-5600 Ex: 53330.

I am here to teach you Biology and assist you in having a most successful school year.  I hope to inspire you a bit, too!  Good Luck!