Ouderkirk, Michelle - Geometry

Welcome to Mrs. Ouderkirk's  Geometry

This is my 20th year teaching mathematics. I have taught math at all levels: elementary, middle school, high school, and post-secondary education. I have taught math (and culinary classes) at Rio Rancho off and on since 2005. I returned to Rio Rancho High School in 2014 after a two-year teaching job at CNM. Although I loved working at CNM I was very happy to return to Rio Rancho High School. Once a Ram; always a Ram!

All On-line resources have been designed to help you be as successful as possible in this year's math class.  Use Google Sites to find lesson notes, watch tutorial videos, and/or find various web resources organized specifically for this course. Students who are absent should go directly to Google Classroom and/or Google Sites for all missed work, help, or resources.

Parents & Students: Feel free to access my Google Sites often for fabulous RESOURCES and extra help.

Geometry Syllabus

Geometry Modeling Students: Use Google Classroom for specific instructions and notes.