Walker, Teresa - Physics.

Hello!  I am Teresa Walker, Physics Teacher

I love learning Physics and I love teaching Physics.  
I have studied Chemical Engineering and Science Education.
A syllabus for each class and other documents are found in the "Documents and Photos" link found in the upper left hand corner of this page.  
I teach the following classes:
AP Physics C Mechanics (1st Period)
Conceptual Physics/Earth and Space (3rd Period)
AP Physics 1 (4th Period)
AP Physics 1 (5th Period)
AP Physics 2/AP Physics C Electricity & Magnetism (6th Period)
AP Physics 1 (7th Period)

Please scroll down to see regular information updates for the classes I teach:  

AP Physics C Mechanics (Per 1):

Conceptual Physics
Earth & Space Science (Per 3)
AP Physics 1 (Per 4, 5 & 7)
AP Physics 2 combined with 

AP Physics C Electricity and Magnetism (Per 6):