Welcome to Rio Rancho High School, Home of the RAMS!



301 Loma Colorado NE
Rio Rancho, NM 87124
Phone: (505) 896-5600
Fax: (505) 896-5901
We are located south of Northern Blvd

RRHS Important Information


Principal, Dr. Ryan Kettler
Vice Principal, 
Maurice Guerin
Mr. Kettler's Administrative Assistant, 
Tina Vigil x 53001
Patti Templeton x 53002
Attendance Clerk, 
Connie Beck x 53011
 Wendy Lopez x 53004
Registrar's Clerk, 
Karen GuinnMontoya x 53022
 Laura Council x 53028
Production Room,
Jane Petre  x 53024
Book Room, Gabby Galindo  x 53207
Bilingual Coordinator/ELL,
Maria Burns x 53206
Food Services Manager, Amy Rodriguez x 53063
Army JROTC, 
Freddy Morales x 53311

Librarian, Andra Ridout x 53008
Librarian Assistant, Jane Petre x 53024

Class of 2025
Assistant Principal, 
Betty Scheppmann x 53400
Roberta Santillanes x 53401
Counselor A-K,
Vicki Valles-Mora  x 53104
Counselor L-Z, 
Jabari Garrette x 53520

Class of 2024
Assistant Principal,  TBA x53200 
Sandra Wanchek x 53201
Counselor A-L, TBA 
Counselor M-Z,
Elise Mont  x 53204

Class of 2023
Assistant Principal, 
Elaine Gonzalez x 53100
Secretary, TBA  x 53101
Counselor A-L,
Lisa Martin x  53142
Counselor M-Z, 
Ashley Grant x 53141

Class of 2022
Assistant Principal, TBA x 53300
Maureen Storz x 53301
Counselor A-L,
 Irene Boland-Small x53302
Counselor M-Z, 
Brandy Moore x53521

Health Office:
Julie Lords x 53007
Health Assistant, 
Christy Fangmann  x53006

Special Education Services:
Site Specialist,
Karla Moore x 53034
Site Specialist,  Kate Osmunson x 53014
Site Specialist, Laura Liccione x 53045
Site Specialist, Jessica Koppel x 53025
Pamela Martin x 53003
Transition Specialist, 
Brenda Garduno x 53036
Transition Specialist,
Crystal Pena x 53020
Social Worker, 
Marc Robson x 53037
Social Worker,
Vanessa Paul x 53040
Social Worker,
Cindy Sanchez x 53032
Social Worker,
Anna Martinez x 53039
Jean Miera x 53170
Jessica Queen x 53130
Psychologist, Dr.
Thomas Stewart x 53037
Recreational Therapist, 
Recreational Therapist, 
Physical Therapist,
Visual Support, 

Campus Officers- DPS (School Resource Officers)
Ray Olesky x 53029
Chris Beck x 53035

Safety and Security, Salvador Gonzalez x 53031
Security Manager, Vince Valdez x 53023

Maintenance and Building Services:
Building Engineer,  Leonard Cordova x 53018
Assistant Engineer,  Gabriel Gonzales x 53541
Custodial Foreman, David Gonzalez x 53021

Education Technology:
Network Support, 
Doug Cutshall x 53033
Ed Tech,
Tamara Lemon x 53019

Christopher Salas x53532

Vince Metzgar x 53502
Debbie Garcia x 53501

School Profile

Mascot: Ram

Colors: Navy Blue and Hunter Green

Grade Levels Served: 9-12

Four-Year Graduation Rate: 88.8%

Founded: 1997, by Rio Rancho Public Schools. The campus was originally built by Intel Corporation and leased back to RRPS for $1/year; it was subsequently donated to RRPS. Sports and other facilities have been added since the campus opened thanks to funding from voter-approved bond issues.

Employees: 229

  • Teachers: 148

  • Instructional Support Staff: 39

  • Non-Instructional Support Staff: 42

School Goals: Student Excellence

School Programs: Comprehensive High School featuring a strong academic program in the core subjects as well as varied and rich elective classes, outstanding athletics and fine arts programs, and a wide range of co-curricular and extracurricular activities.

Student Profile:

  • Enrollment: 2,554 (October 2021)

  • Percent Special Needs Students: 17.4%

  • Percent English-Language Learners: 3.4%

Ethnicity/Race: The percentages for each category are rounded up or down to the nearest .1 which may cause the total to slightly exceed or be below 100%. In addition, families of mixed-race heritage may now also designate their child as being of more than one race. This may cause the percentages to add up to a number that is other than 100%.

African-American: 2.7%
American Indian: 4.4%
Asian: 1.8%
Caucasian (non-Hispanic): 33.2%
Hispanic: 56.1%
Pacific Islander: 0.3%
Unclassified/unknown: 0.00%